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My Repertoire

My passion, my element, fire.




Pois are two spinning elements (for example balls), which are attached to a chain. One Poi in each hand, the spinner swings them around the body in circular orbits.





Here the poi spinning elements are two 60 cm long, burning ropes.





A Devil Stick is a juggling device. The juggler keeps it in the air by using two thin sticks, (one in each hand) for catching, throwing and rotating the Devil Stick.



Two burning staffs are rotated with technically sophisticated movements, to attain great effects like optical illusions.

Charcoal Poi


Steel baskets, filled with glowing charcoal. They are used in the same way as Poi and create a spectacular effect.

Visual Poi


The two Poi - spinning elements are 50 cm long staffs, which are provided with a total of 160 LEDs. They can visualize nearly any design, logo, or photo.

Burning Heart


A highlight especially for weddings: The couple lights a flaming heart.

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