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About me

My name is Xavier Czakow. I am a native French, was able to call the world my home for 7 years, and have been living in the Bavarian Forest since the beginning of 2014. My German skills are good enough to communicate.

At the age of 15, I started playing with fire. Over time, it has developed into a great passion, and since I believe that everyone should do what makes them happy, I have implemented my motto and am happy to share this with you!

I have been performing both LED and fire shows professionally for many years now, bringing professional equipment with me, using environmentally friendly, indoor-suitable Toyfluid as a fuel, and always striving to further develop myself. I place the highest value on quality and safety, so you can rely on it: Whether it's a festival or other public events, private or corporate celebrations, my fire show will be a highlight of the evening, leaving a lasting impression on your guests!

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